Trusted Partners

Homestead Goals works with other established, reputable businesses to bring you the very BEST there is in gardening, homesteading, farming, crafting, cooking and all things self sustainable. We are a small, independently operated business based in the great state of Illinois.  Our affiliates a.k.a. “Trusted Partners” products appear on our site amongst our own handmade, personal products. We wanted to bring you, our customers and readers a dynamic shopping experience where quality, variety, and options were at your fingertips. These are absolutely the best there is (we only partner with accredited, safe businesses).

We are proud to be affiliated with and recommend the following retailers and small businesses. We have partnered with literally hundreds of companies, these are our top 25 favorites with 5 selected as our super favorited~ all of these businesses are awesome in their own rite, their values match our values.

  1. Darn Good Yarn
  2. American Tombow
  3. Etsy
  4. Bootstrap Farmer

  5. Art of Tea
  6.  Antique Farmhouse
  7. Cricut

  8.  A Cherry On Top
  9. From The Fields
  10. Heritage Acres Market

  11. Card Maker Club by Annie’s
  12. Forest 2 Home

  13. Young Woodworker’s Club
  14. My Pet DVM
  15. Create For Less
  16. Ecocentric Mom
  17. Expressions Vinyl
  18. Felt Paper Scissors

  19. Gina K Designs
  20. Green Kids Crafts
  21. Honey Bee Stamps
  22. My Vinyl Direct
  23. Paper and More
  24. Paper Pieces
  25. Sola Wood Flowers